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Meet the Staff

Tony Lynes
Tony Lynes

Website Editor

My name is Tony, and I am a new member of staff. I am a senior on the Stampede staff. I am the website editor, and hope to make the site as best as I can. I really enjoy sports, and play a lot of baseball. Besides that I like being with my friends. After high school I hope to go to college and possibly get involved in engineering.

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Social media establishes a negative complex in today’s generation

Tatjana Clark

Today’s generation has its nose deep in all of the latest technology and social medias, but are these new ways to connect rotting the minds of people or allowing new and...  Read More »

July 23, 2014

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The Feminist Frontline

Bailey Collins

I know that this is the type of column that many people will look at, mutter an noise that sounds something like a cross between ‘ugh‘ and ‘ew‘, and flip the page...  Read More »

July 23, 2014

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Tennis Q&A: Lindsay Martinez

Abby Lynes

Q: How long have you been playing tennis, and how did you get started? A: I got started when I was five years old, and I played at the Country Club. Q:...  Read More »

July 23, 2014

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