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Exchange student meets her family again after ten months

Aurora Oden, Staff Writer
June 7, 2017
Filed under Opinions

The feeling of getting closer to summer break is always something special to me. The excitement of knowing that I have the whole summer in front of me without worrying about school is to me, amazing. Just knowing that I can spend my time on whatever I want to do is something I’m really looking forward...

Being respectful has power

Jessica Banks, Opinion Editor
May 26, 2017
Filed under Opinions

My parents have always taught me that treating others with respect is one of the most important things you can do. Whether it be someone you like or dislike, a person is a person and respect is the same all around. I have grown up knowing that it is especially important to respect adults. Calling ...

Special Election

Mackenzie George, Editor In Chief
May 26, 2017
Filed under Opinions

They don’t call it a “special election” for nothing. With Ryan Zinke appointed Secretary of the Interior, Montana is in the midst of a political race to fill Zinke’s seat in the House of Representatives. It’s not just the timing that makes this election interesting. The two main party candidates c...

EDITORIAL: Meaningful schedules aren’t crammed with opens

May 11, 2017
Filed under Opinions

For underclassmen, scheduling is over and done. Electives have been selected, opens have been placed as strategically as possible. And here at the Stampede, we’re feeling the effects of a high school populus desperate for as much free time as possible. Seniors are allowed up to three opens (when in...

Senior serves as legislative page

Katie Koterba
February 6, 2017
Filed under Opinions

When I turned 18, one of the many things I was excited about was the newfound ability to vote and participate in my local and national government. At the beginning of the year, although I knew I could vote in the upcoming elections and who the current governor was, I didn’t know much about government in M...

Ode to my microwave

Isaiah Vang, Online Editor
January 5, 2017
Filed under Opinions

Do you know what really grinds my gears? Losing my microwave, of course. I remember wanting to eat something, but when I got my food ready to warm up I realized that I didn’t have a microwave anymore because my grandparents broke it. I was absolutely heartbroken. I prepared my food and got so exc...

Cell phones subtly distract students

Ian Paul and Jackson Howell, Intro to Journalism
January 3, 2017
Filed under Opinions

There are two sides to the issue of cell phones in class and we are against it completely. Cellphones are both a distraction and anger inducing to teachers. Some people would say that cell phones are helpful and can be used to help a class learn more. Well we would say that is wrong. We have heard many...

Cell phones are a distraction in the classroom

Nancy Beston and Grace Carr, Intro to Journalism
January 3, 2017
Filed under Opinions

The only distractions classrooms used to consist of were people staring out of windows, passing notes, and throwing spit wads. Now, it’s the people scrolling through social media, playing games, texting about gossip, and possibly taking phone calls during classes. How are you supposed to learn when ...

Recent election leaves teachers surprised and shocked

Gabrielle Pope, Sarah Ljunggren, and Hayley Woodard, Staff Writers
November 17, 2016
Filed under Opinions

On Nov. 8, the United States came together to vote for their new President. This election was unlike any other; the country was completely divided. Teachers at Charles M. Russell High School knew that this election would make history. Freshman English teacher Kasi Thompson said she knew that thi...

Students joke about not funny topics

Julia Gremaux, Pictures Editor
October 13, 2016
Filed under Opinions

I believe that media has hardened our look on humanity and the struggles everyday people and places face. With movies and TV shows adding humor to otherwise horrible topics, we see them as something to joke about. Constantly in our CMR community I hear jokes about rape, slavery, sexism, religion, and ...

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