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Promposals sweep social media and girls off their feet

Callan Garner, Staff Writer

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Swimming together for years, Alex Houston gathers his courage and asks fellow swimmer Maddie Carroll to prom. Knowing she loves the iconic Goldfish cracker, he created a sign specific for her. Excitedly, she says of course.

As prom season rounds the corner, students gather up their confidence and ask someone of importance to the time honored tradition of prom. Whether it be just a friend or someone more, students work to think of a way to ask someone to this dance. Whether it be a poster with chocolate or a platter of chicken wings, each way is specialized and thought of as a long-lasting memory.

Specializing their way of asking to fit the person’s individual appeal, students cry out with joy when they realize that they are about to create a lifelong memory.

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Promposals sweep social media and girls off their feet