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Duncan speaks on swimming

Gauthier Paget, Staff Writer

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Senior Morgan Duncan is in HOSA. HOSA is a club that is dedicated to helping people and learning about health. She is also a part of the CMR swim team.

“It’s pretty exciting” said she, swimming is a fun way to stay active.

She said she loves swimming, and it is a really cool sport that she has been doing since she was young. Duncan has been on the CMR team for four years.

She said she likes to be a part of the team and enjoys sharing moments with this big family. She likes swimming, so she will continue that in college but does not plan on taking it to a professional level.

Swimming is not easy, so she practices three hours each day. Duncan’s favorite stroke is freestyle.

“It is tiring but I enjoy it”, Duncan said.

She said it is a lot of work balancing the sport and her homework.

“You just have to find your balance”, she said.

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Duncan speaks on swimming