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Skaer keeps his class lively in an interesting way

Callan Garner, Staff Writer

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From ice rink to classroom, Math teacher Steve Skaer is now teaching multiple advanced math classes instead of putting in the hours for hockey.

Playing the sport since first grade all the way to his senior year of high school, Skaer said it was his favorite thing to do, yet for 22 years he still hasn’t played..

When asked why he has it in his class if he no longer plays, he said he was cleaning his garage one day and found it. He said it would be perfect to teach about angles and forces.

He jokingly held the stick above his head wondering how to pose with it.
Skaer said he enjoys finding new ways to help his students understand math better and then making the process easier. From silly songs to a hockey stick, Skaer maintains a very lively class.

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Skaer keeps his class lively in an interesting way